Consultations with Dr. Diana are scheduled to allow her to quickly assess your nutritional and dietary weaknesses and correct them. Along with a comprehensive questionnaire and BioEnergy testing she interprets scientific based blood tests to identify your nutritional imbalances and dietary requirements. Within just a few sessions you can begin to feel the results of correcting your deficiencies and balancing your body biochemistry.

The comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel provides a medical assessment of your health and can identify early stages of disease, alerting you to your risk factors before they develop into disease states. Nutritional interpretation of the tests provides information about your protein and carbohydrate requirements, nutritional deficiencies, digestive function, along with indicators of parasites and toxicity.

The Blood Chemistry Panel includes:
– Serum glucose
– A full lipid panel
– A comprehensive thyroid panel
– Markers of liver, kidney & immune system function
– Serum protein
– Serum iron and markers of anemia
– Specific nutrients including calcium and magnesium

* For information on the required blood tests please see the “New Client Forms”

When required, Additional Testing can be performed to address specific concerns. This may include testing for:
– Hormone balance and function
– Food allergies
– Parasitic infections
– Brain chemistry
– Cardiovascular profiles
– Heavy metal toxicity
– Amino acid and fatty acid levels

Nutrition Consultation Fees, Policies and Procedures

New patient (90 minutes) $420
Follow up consults are typically 60 minute, but may be shorter based on your needs:
Follow up (90 mins) $330
Follow up (60 mins) $240
Follow up (45 mins) $190
Follow up (30 mins) $130
Follow up (15 mins) $70

For more information about fees, policies and procedures, download:
2023 Fees, Policies, and Procedures“.